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September 28, 2021
If you got an email from a ‘’ address about this, you should follow the instructions CIC sent you.

New pathway to permanent residency for over 90,000 essential temporary workers and international graduates
April 14, 2021

Today Minister Mendicino announced a new pathway to permanent residence for over 90,000 essential workers and international student graduates who are actively contributing to Canada’s economy.
Starting May 6, 2021, this pathway will allow eligible international graduates, who studied in Canada, as well as temporary workers in health care and other essential occupations, to apply for permanent residence.
We will accept applications under these policies from May 6 - November 5 2021, or until a program stream has reached its limit: 
• 20,000 temporary foreign workers in health care
• 30,000 temporary foreign workers in selected essential occupations
• 40,000 international graduates
Please note: to support the vitality of Francophone minority communities, 3 additional streams with no application limit have also been launched for French-speaking or bilingual candidates.

Changes to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) as of October 1, 2020

As of October 1, 2020 the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has made several changes to its program:
·         A new online portal is available to submit applications.
·         Candidates must pay a fee to submit an application, as well for post-decision services (requests for nomination extensions, 204(c) Letters of Support and reconsiderations).
·         Some AINP processes have changed with the introduction of fees:
o   204(c) Letters of Support are no longer issued at the time of nomination.  Nominees must submit a request to be considered for a 204(c) Letter of Support.
o   All requests for post-decision services must be sent by email.
o   The steps for applying to the Self-Employed Farmer Stream have changed.
·         Changes have been made to several of our temporary COVID-19 application and processing adjustments.
·         Updates and corrections to AINP applications must be sent by email.

Opinion: Canada's Immigration Department is hiding the fact machines are making the call on tens of thousands of visa applications. With far more to come.

November 2019

The Liberal government is launching a new three-year immigration experiment that aims to help fill labour shortages in the agri-food sector

This new pilot program, which is to begin in 2020, aims to attract and retain migrant workers by giving them an opportunity to become permanent residents.

Under this new pilot, temporary foreign farm workers will be able to apply for permanent residency after 12 months and, if they’re approved, will also be allowed to bring their families to Canada.

The federal government has announced plans for a new agriculture-specific immigration pilot project that industry representatives say could help fill the hundreds of job vacancies in Alberta's meat packing sector.
March 20, 2019

Under the new pilots:

-Applicants will be assessed for permanent residence eligibility before they start working in Canada. After they have a work permit and two years' work experience, they can have a "direct pathway" to permanent residency.
-Caregivers will be granted occupation-specific work permits, allowing them to change jobs quickly when necessary.
-Spouses and common-law partners will be allowed open work permits and dependent children will be allowed study permits so caregivers' families can come with them to Canada.
A total of 5,500 principal applicants will be permitted annually, and family members will not count toward the cap.

June 21, 2018 Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program - major program changes

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has a new application stream called the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS), and an expansion to the occupations and skill levels that can be accepted.
As of June 14, 2018, the AINP will accept applications under two streams:
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream
  • Alberta Opportunity Stream (new)

"The new regulations apply to those who earn less than $150,000 a year and want to hire someone from abroad to look after their children. Those seeking to hire a caregiver for people with a physical or mental illness will also be exempt from the labour market impact assessment, or LMIA, fee." Toronto Sun December 28, 2017

November 01, 2017, Canada will gradually increase the number of permanent residents it welcomes over the next three years. This multi-year immigration plan sets the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history and supports our innovative economy, reunites families and maintains our reputation as a global leader in refugee protection. Read more.

October 28, 2017 The new Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) will take effect January 2, 2018 and will replace the Employer-Driven Stream and Strategic Recruitment Stream. Until the new stream takes effect, the AINP will continue to accept applications for both of these existing streams.

June 12, 2017 Today in Toronto, Minister Hussen announced details of the Global Skills Strategy, including priority work permit processing for highly-skilled workers and work permit exemptions for short-term work and research. Learn about it here.

March 09, 2017 New “Global Talent” pilot stream was announced Thursday morning in Toronto by Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, and Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour

Best occupations to gain Express Entry into Canada

Occupation Number %
NOC2171 - Information Systems Analysts and Consultants 1,792 6%
NOC2173 - Software Engineers 1,332 4%
NOC2174 - Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers 1,254 4%
NOC6322 - Cooks 1,234 4%
NOC6311 - Food Service Supervisors 999 3%
NOC4011 - University Professors and Lecturers 797 3%
NOC5241 - Graphic Designers and Illustrators 671 2%
NOC1123 - Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing and Public relations 618 2%
NOC1111 - Financial Auditors and Accountants 595 2%
NOC6211 - Retail Sales Supervisors 584 2%
Top 10 9,876 31%

The total number of invitations issued in 2016 was 33,782. Candidates may be invited more than once if they decline their first invitation. The results in this and the following tables on candidates invited omit duplicate invitations. Hence, 31,676 unique candidates have received invitations in 2016.

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January 02, 2016

AINP application volumes by occupation

The 10 National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes and occupations below make up over half of the AINP’s applications. Due to the volume of applications, if you applied to the AINP under one of these occupations, your application will take longer to process.

  • 6311 – Food Service Supervisors
  • 6211 – Retail Sales Supervisors
  • 7511 – Transport Truck Drivers
  • 0621 – Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers
  • 6315 – Cleaning Supervisors
  • 7284 – Plasterers, Drywall Installers and Finishers and Lathers
  • 0631 – Restaurant and Food Services Managers
  • 1241 - Administrative assistants
  • 1215 – Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations
  • 1311 – Accounting technicians and bookkeepers

Immigration news

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December 24, 2021
On Thursday, Fraser (Canadian immigration minister) announced the government surpassed its ambitious immigration target of 401,000 new permanent residents for 2021 — the most newcomers in a year in Canada’s history. Read more...

September 26, 2021

July 23, 2021
In June, the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship processed 45,100 applications for permanent residence, the largest number ever in one month, according to the office of Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino. In that same month, Canada welcomed 35,600 new permanent residents.

Such levels have Mr. Mendicino confident that his department will meet its goal of bringing in 401,000 new permanent residents this year, which would be the largest annual intake ever recorded.

Toronto Sun, February 08, 2017About 70% of Canadians surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that “people who come to Canada should change their behaviour to be more like Canadians.”

People having fewer children because of circumstances and biology

Legatum Institute’s 2015 Prosperity Index found Canadians experience the greatest personal freedom and general social tolerance of all 142 nations in the report.

Immigration and Diversity: Population Projections for Canada and its Regions, 2011 to 2036 Nearly half of Canadians will be immigrants, children of immigrants by 2036: StatsCan

"Canada is now the only Western democracy in which there is no serious argument among the citizenry or politicians over the importance of immigration. Canadians understand that immigration is not migration. It must be seen as the first step toward citizenship. And the sooner an immigrant becomes a citizen, the better." The Globe and Mail Apr 22, 2016 
"As a result of our reforms you'll see a higher and higher share of the economic immigrants either already working here or being invited by employers," Kenney said Thursday.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, 

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The percentage of temporary foreign workers obtaining permanent residency has increased to 21 per cent from 9 per cent. March 22, 2017

UN: "
The number of international migrants — persons living in a country other than where they were born — reached 244 million in 2015 for the world as a whole, a 41 per cent increase compared to 2000, according to new data presented by the United Nations today. This figure includes almost 20 million refugees."

Effective immediately, the rule that temporary workers can only extend their work permits for up to four years before having to spend four years not working in Canada will no longer be applied. December 13, 2016

March 16, 2017 The Canadian Index for Measuring Integration compares how immigrants and the native born fare in four different areas to figure out where in the country the gaps between them are smallest. Put another way -- how well are newcomers fitting in?

Canada is the least xenophobic country in the Western world. Here's why. June 08, 2016

March 23, 2013, Vancouver Sun:
"A record 213,516 temporary workers entered Canada in 2012, up from the record of 190,575 set the previous year. The latest total is more than double the number who arrived in 2003, and the pace picked up considerably after the Conservatives took office in 2006."

"We are all immigrants. Some of us just took a little longer to get here." Margo Goodhand Winnipeg Free Press

"There's an unlimited number of people who want to come to Canada" Jason  Kenney, Canadian Immigration Minister, July 2011.

The long line for immigration is a “big, good problem,” Kenney told them. “There are far more people who would like to come to Canada than we can practically receive in any one time.” 06 October 2011 The Toronto Observer

"In fact, last year, Ipsos-Reid did a global poll from which they estimated that there are at least two billion people around the world who would like to immigrate to Canada right now. Seventy-seven percent of the people in China, 71% of those in Mexico, 68% in India, etc., and they didn’t actually survey in every country of the world." Speaking notes for Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, At the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration
Ottawa, Ontario, October 20, 2011

As of first week of October 2011, Canadian immigration officials confirmed, more than one million people have been waiting in line for a Canadian visa.

“Canada is a good place and there are plenty of economic opportunities,” said Kenney. “But even if the nation does everything it can to help its immigrants adapt to their new home, it’s also up to the immigrant to do everything they can to integrate themselves into the Canadian experience.”  Jason  Kenney, Canadian Immigration Minister, August 2011.

Want to report Scams and/or Frauds? CLICK HERE (RCMP Site) or HERE (CIC web site).
Cases involving false representation, fraud or knowingly concealing material circumstances in the citizenship process should be referred to the citizenship fraud tip line at CIC's Call Centre at 1-888-242-2100 (in Canada only, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday). People from overseas can contact the nearest Canadian visa office. Tips may also be reported by email at

All other types of fraud tips related to immigration should be reported to the CBSA Border Watch Tip Line at 1-888-502-9060. The CBSA is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. 

"There are thousands of unfilled jobs available right now in Saskatchewan, ranging from unskilled to high skilled. Ag operators are offering $25 /hr for basic labour. Even lawyers are needed! But employers say recruitment efforts in other parts of CDA have failed. Labour shortages are expected to grow to 120,000 jobs in a decade. If you're looking for work, check out". 
Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney on Twitter‏ @kenneyjason February 25, 2012

On June 29, 2010, the government passed a law to change the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. There are new rules for applications to remain in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds. (The new rules do not apply to H&C applications filed before the law was passed). Other changes that will affect refugee claimants will be put into place no later than June 29, 2012.

Bill C-35, An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, has received Royal Assent.  Read more

Vol. 145, No. 32 — August 6, 2011
Regulations Amending the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

The Balanced Refugee Reform Act (BRRA), which received Royal Assent on June 29, 2010, introduces changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) that will improve Canada’s asylum system, resettle more refugees from abroad, and make it easier for refugees to start their lives in this country Read more...

Canada’s New Refugee Determination System to Start in June 2012
Ottawa, August 19, 2011 — The Balanced Refugee Reform Act will come into force on June 29, 2012, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today.

January 31, 2012
2006 NOC edition has been replaced!

On January 31, 2012, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and Statistics Canada replaced the 2006 edition of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) with a 2011 version. For the purposes of the Federal Skilled Worker Program list of eligible occupations, new applicants are advised to refer to the HRSDC website for the latest job descriptions and duties for each NOC.

CIC will assess FSW applications received at the Centralized Intake Office before January 31, 2012 according to the old NOC system as they were the conditions under which the candidate applied.

CIC is examining the impact the NOC changes will have on immigration programs and will publish updates as soon as they become available.

CIC has a new process for taking applications in 2017. You must first let CIC know if you’re interested in sponsoring, then CIC will randomly choose 10,000 people to apply.

Biometric Identity Screening: 
Starting in 2013, CIC plans to require nationals of 29 countries and 1 territory to appear in person to have their fingerprints and photograph taken when they apply for a temporary resident visa, study or work permit.

Apply for student services and confirm your eligibility online

List of countries whose citizens need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visa to visit or transit through Canada