Immigration Offices in Canada

Most applications made in Canada are handled through the case processing centres (CPCs) below. Some CIC offices offer in-person assistance or self-help kiosks.

CPC Vegreville

CPC Vegreville processes:

  • extensions of temporary resident status and temporary resident permits
  • work and study permits
  • applications for permanent residence by some classes in Canada and
  • loans for the right of permanent residence fee.

Vegreville mailing addresses

CPC Mississauga

CPC Mississauga processes applications to sponsor family members living abroad.

Mississauga mailing addresses

CPC Sydney

CPC Sydney processes applications for:

  • permanent resident cards (new and renewals) and
  • citizenship (applying, renouncing, revoking and resuming).

Sydney mailing addresses

Centralized Intake Office, Sydney

The Centralized Intake Office receives all Federal Skilled Worker applications.

Centralized Intake Office mailing addresses

CIC Offices inside Canada

Permanent Residence Applications (in-Canada Family Class)
Work Permit (for new employer applications, for extensions with same employer)
Visitor and Temporary Resident Permit
Study Permit
Student work permit extensions (includes Co-op, Off-Campus Work Permits and Internships)
Student work permits (includes Co-op, Off-Campus Work Permits, Internships and Post-Graduation Work Permits)
Protected Person Status Document
Spouses, common-law or conjugal partner and dependent children
Other family class applications
Permanent Resident Cards
Federal Skilled Workers

The case processing centre office in Ottawa (CPC-O) processes:

  • visitor visa (temporary resident visa) applications from within Canada for applicants with valid status (students or temporary foreign workers only)
  • permanent resident visa applications from the United States and Canada after they have been pre-screened by CPC-M or CIO-S

The Operations Support Centre (OSC) processes:

  • International Experience Canada work permits,
  • In-Canada applications submitted online,
  • Verification of Status (VOS) applications,
  • Replacement of valid temporary resident documents,
  • Amendment of immigration documents and of valid temporary resident documents.